About us

The Wholesale Logistix business was founded on the principles of Quality and Exclusivity, providing a regional base for some of Australia most prominent rural brands and is now home to trademarked products Wayback, Calm Ride, Complete Ride, Bettalay, Scratch N Lay and Maintain.

Wholesale Logistix grew from a need to store rural merchandise in regional locations as rural retail grew in the Tamworth Regional in the early 2000s. By 2007, The business had 1000 pallet capacity at their Dampier Street location in the heart of Tamworth’s trade district, Taminda.

Before long, the business saw the opportunity to develop a quality, cost effective range of feed alongside their storage and logistics function and as such, the first Wayback dog food was developed, finding popularity as an all-round, cost effective feed for both the family dog and the working dog. As Wayback continued to grow in popularity, the Wholesale Logistix business was busy developing a line of horse feed, called calm-ride, to cater to customers in the Equine market.

In recent years, the feed and produce range from Wholesale Logistix has expanded, catering to all stock on farm, from the working dogs, to chooks, sheep, cattle and horses.

The business continues to offer warehousing and storage opportunities for regional outlets, with Tamworth now recognised as a major regional transport hub in New South Wales.

The Wholesale arm of the business, goes from strength to strength with new feeds developed and founded on quality and exclusivity in the feed and produce market.

For all your wholesale and storage enquiries, contact the team at Wholesale Logistix today.